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NowTime of Peace

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NowTime of Peace
A Mini Documentary

Audri and DeborahJune 6th,2013: WareTech Studio recently complete a mini documentary for submission to the TED Awards competition, NOWTIME of PEACE. In this mini documentary, they chose to follow the journey of United Religions Initiative Global Trustee, Audri Scott Williams. It includes footage from Monica Willard, URI United Nations Representative. 




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June 2nd, 2013: The world celebrates the international Day of Peace on September 21, 2013. It is our goal (Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers - United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle, 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace, Heal the Atmosphere, United Nations International Day of Peace... 

Passionately Engaged Affecting Community Everywhere

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The Trail of Dreams Cooperation Circle in Cottonwood, Alabama recently held its first interfaith dialogue with women of faith traditions. The event included moderator Audri Scott Williams; Evangelist Karen Hunter Watson; Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith; Sufi Julie Doughtery; and New Thought practitioner Rev. Glenda Davis.

For more information on the Trail of Dreams, visit http://trailofdreams.weebly.com/.


Global GRACE Day, November 9th

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Call of the GRACE Movement for a Free Earth
Dieter Duhm

On November 9, we celebrate worldwide annual Global Grace Day, the day of global reconciliation. The ninth of November is a historic date: In 1938 it was the so-called “Night of Broken Glass”, the day on which the persecution of Jews in Germany begun and became public. In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. On Global Grace Day, we have summoned a collective power committed to opening all the walls, the inner and outer ones, which separate human beings from each other. It is a day of gentle revolution. We celebrate the emergence of a new humaneness. May hatred and violence that have been generated by the old systems, vanish from our planet for- ever. May the disintegration of these systems lead to a new way to inhabit our planet.
Energy, water and food are freely available to all human beings, if we follow the logic of nature and not the laws of capital.

We see the pain of the world. We hear the Earth’s cry for help. If all beings who suffer unspeakable pain now could scream the Earth would be a single cry. But we humans are not here to destroy nature and to kill each other. It was a misguided dream of wealth and power that brought about the misery.
This dream has been extinguished, capitalism is breaking down, the imperialist systems are destroying themselves. We want to make the world’s population aware that we are in the historic year of change 2012 and are approaching a new era.


Seed Grants Winner 2012

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The Multiregion team is happy to announce the winner of the Seed Grants Program competition which has been jointly granted to the Trail of Dreams and the The Pilgrimage Project CCs.

The project which was titled 'Women Embracing Peace Across Faith Based Traditions' focus on the women empowerment and its role in emphasizing peace across different faiths. Each group (Trail of Dreams and the Pilgrimage Project) will offer an open forum, Women Embracing Peace Across Faith Based Traditions, one in Cottonwood, AL and the other in Valdosta, GA. The purpose of the project is to provide an open forum for woman's faith based leaders and scholars, to discuss the challenges faced by women leaders in faith based traditions; to explore the opportunity to create networks of support; and to build bridges across faith based traditions that include the voices of women.

The URI Multiregion Panel approved the grant of the project and wishes them all the best in their efforts. We would like to take this chance to invite all CCs to apply for the available Seed Grants at the Multiregion.


Multiregion Discusses Diversity, Peace, and Tolerance in Alexandria

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URI’s Multiregion organized the Alexandria lectures and other events in celebration of the International Day of Peace. The events included lectures, workshops and on-the-street events, and were conducted by local lecturers and peace activists.

In addition to interfaith dialogue, cultural diversity and tolerance, the lectures addressed the controversial anti-Islam film, The Innocence of Muslims, and the tension, protests and violence that followed its release.

“The debates showed a great amount of intellectualism, peace and refusal to accept violence as a means of protesting,” said URI Multiregional Coordinator Abdallah Hendawy. “The debates went far to emphasize the value of diversity and inter-culturality in societies seeking social security and stability.”

The URI Multiregion-organized events – which began Sept. 14 and concluded on Sept. 21, the International Day of Peace. The events were held in conjunction with the International Day of Peace, an annual event celebrated by the United Nations and people throughout the world as a day of global ceasefire and nonviolence.

The theme of this year’s Peace Day was “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future,” in keeping with the recent United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More information about URI’s celebration of the International Day of Peace is available at uri.org.

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