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Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk

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Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk

Current Membership:  7+ hundreds of new friends along the trail.

Traditions: Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Traditional (Yuraba, Cherokee, Celtic).
Governance: One of Consensus – no decisions are made or acted upon unless each member is in agreement.

CC Purpose:  walk to change the world one step at a time.

CC Dream: with every step we take we touch and are touched by people- heart to heart, face-to-face creating an opportunity for a more peaceful world.

CC Highlights: Trail of dreams ancestral Journey – 2000 from Pennsylvania to Georgia; Trail of dream walk in Ghana, W. Africa; Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk 2005-2009 is presently in Hawaii beginning the 2nd year of their inspiring project.
Five of the seven members of this CC are on this walk: 4 from the USA and one born in Nigeria.  Spiritual traditons on the walk include Yuraba (Nigerian folk religion), Christian, Muslim and Cherokee (American Indigenous) plus the many traditions they come in contact with as they walk. All the walkers are keeping individual journals; the CC also plans a book or two about their adventures, the people they are meeting, etc.

For a complete picture of this CC, go to their Web site: www.TDWorldPeaceWalk.org. The first year of this walk they were in the southern USA, Mexico, and Canada. From Hawaii they will go to Australia and New Zealand. These folks expect to continue their journey for several years! Some have sold their homes to pay their expenses; they receive some funds through the Web site; they have articles to sell as they go; people care for them as they go.

Their dream is in their name: they are walking around the world for peace. This CC is an inspiring addition to the URI family. Feel free to contact Audri Scott Williams at the email adress shown on this page.




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Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk

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