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Exciting New Opportunities for CARAVAN . . .

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

“Art can transcend where dialogue has been blocked.” Petna Ndaliko (New York Times, July 11, 2014)

CARAVAN’s Founder/President, Paul-Gordon Chandler, recently returned from an extensive trip (around the opening of the CARAVAN exhibition in Cairo) to Jordan, Israel/Palestine, Malta and Paris, France at the invitation of various groups regarding CARAVAN’s potential involvement. The meetings exceeded expectations and laid the foundation for some strategic opportunities for CARAVAN in the next couple of years. While there is much left to plan and organize, it was most encouraging. CARAVAN will continue to share more about these special and inspirational events in news stories, blogs, and videos.

Below video coverage from Egyptian TV: 

An Invitation to Third Ward Community Market

Monday, July 14th, 2014


You’re invited to attend the Third Ward Community Market and Talent Showcase at Project Row Houses, in historic Third Ward Houston, where the artists of Our House will showcase art produced in various mediums and genres. We are inviting you as our guests for a market place experiment. Can artists be sustained by its community AND can a community benefit from its artists?…So, Saturday night, July 19th — we’ll see.

Come and witness the creative, imaginative, artistic endeavors of more than 40 artists from around the greater metropolitan Houston area. You will be entertained. You will be a part of community at its best. AND … you will never be the same, and that, too, is part of what makes a community thrive. Project Row Houses will host these summer, fall and winter markets each month to bring artists together with their communities for a melding of building sustainability with relationship.
For more information about the Our House artists and our work, but individually and collaboratively, call teaching artist P.K. McCary at 713.485.9214.

We Refuse to Be Enemies: Together, We Can End the War!

Monday, July 14th, 2014

From our friends in the Middle East region of the United Religions Initiative: 

Lee Ziv of our Musaique Cooperation Circle in Israel urges everyone to sign her online campaign to stop the bombings in Israel & Palestine. Show your support! 

Visit the Petition by click here. 

More information about Musaique CC can be found here:

URI – The Second Chapter

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014


Victor visited with members of URI Europe on a trip that included: Vienna, Bonn, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Here, he shares a laugh with (from L-R) Karimah Stauch, URI Europe Regional Coordinator, Marianne Horling, Global Council Member, and Sheikh Bashir Ahmad Dultz, founder and president of URI Germany.

Members of URI’s Global Council and Global Staff will gather in San Francisco at the end of this month to begin the work of co-creating the second chapter of the United Religions Initiative.

Building on the extraordinary work of the past 20 years in which the creativity and wisdom of so many people birthed and sustained the URI movement, we who form the present leadership of URI are very excited to be planning our future together.

From my own experience of witnessing URI’s extraordinary work in communities around the world, it is clear to me that at the heart of URI are the Cooperation Circles (CCs).
URI’s CCs bring the PPPs (Preamble, Purpose and Principles) alive, creating centers of hope and possibility, building bridges among people of different cultures and religions, and working together for the good of their communities and the world. Supporting CCs and the global network that they create is the focus of the work of URI’s leadership circles the Global Council, the Global Staff and the President’s Council.
It has been such a pleasure for me to work with members of URI’s Global Council, in particular our Global Council Chair Kiran Bali, who has helped me understand this remarkable organization. URI is blessed with such extraordinary volunteer leadership.

URI’s Global Staff is comprised of the Global Support Office (formerly called “The Hub”) based in San Francisco, as well as Regional Offices in the following regions:

  • Africa (Djibouti; Ethiopia, Nigeria; South Africa; Uganda)
  • Asia (India: Delhi, Kerala, Mumbai, West Bengal; Korea; Pakistan)
  • Europe (Belgium; Germany; United Kingdom)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean (Argentina; Venezuela)
  • Middle East and North Africa (Jordan)
  • Multiregion (Transnational)
  • North America (USA)
  • Southeast Asia and the Pacific (The Philippines)

We are so fortunate to have staff around the world so talented and so dedicated to URI’s mission. In addition to these two leadership groups, URI is supported by a group of advisors who form The President’s Council, (members of which will also join us at the June meeting,) that works with the President and Executive Director to ensure that sustainability of URI’s Global Network.
The purpose of all of these leadership teams is ultimately to support the life and growth of URI’s Network of Cooperation Circles. We are dedicated to growing, energizing, nurturing and resourcing URI’s extraordinary network of Cooperation Circles.

Together with members of Cooperation Circles worldwide, we are now in the process of writing the second chapter of the URI story, and what a story it is!


Third Ward Community Night Market & Talent Showcase

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014