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Frente Nacional Contra a Redução da Maioridade Penal

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

And now something a bit different…

Carta de Adhesión la Frente Internacional de Apoyo para la Lucha contra la reducción de la edad penal en Brasil

Estamos viendo de nuevo en nuestro país el debate sobre la reducción de la edad legal, con el fin de presentar a los adolescentes brasileños responsabilidad por los grandes niveles de violencia y crimen cometido en Brasil. Nunca antes, después de la constitución de 1988, el Congreso brasileño estuvo tan cerca de cometer tal atrocidad.

Como resultado, los activistas, expertos, movimientos sociales, organizaciones de la sociedad civil, funcionarios gubernamentales, del pode ejecutivo, del poder judicial y estudiantes, que trabajan en defensa de los derechos humanos en varios Comunas brasileñas, han decidido crear el “Frente Nacional Contra a Redução da Maioridade Penal” (Frente Nacional Contra la Reducción de la Edad Penal) con el fin de unificar las diversas acciones en todo el país, para evitar el contragolpe y la violencia que la reducción de la edad penal significa, no sólo a los adolescentes, sino a toda la sociedad brasileña.

Una de las acciones del Frente fue la creación de una carta de apoyo a los derechos de los niños y adolescentes contra la reducción de la edad penal.

Me he unido a esta pelea y creo que es importante que en este Frente participen personas y organizaciones comprometidas, como usted y el grupo político, filosófico e ideológico a la que pertenece.

Contactos : E-mail ou whatsApp: 51 11 96522 5016


Photos of Peace Prayer on Buddha Purnima (Purnima = Full Moon)

Saturday, May 16th, 2015


We have posted the photos from the event on the Hope In Life Foundation Facebook page. Our Shanti Puja (Peace Prayer) ceremony on Buddha Purnima (May 3rd) was a huge success. We were able to feed over 100 people/devotees who came to the temple that day. It felt wonderful when they stopped by to thank us and blessed us on their way out.

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Thank you




Chair - Orange County Task Force  – Cities for CEDAW

Poetic Potions: 3rd in the Series of Saturday’s Artist

Saturday, May 16th, 2015



The visual, literary and performing artist, Scribess Ivory Muse brings her exhibition of artistic wine bottles to Our House this Saturday, May 16th. Our House opens at 10 a.m. with our Artists Circle talk (asking Miss Dee Dee to share marketing tips), with the artist’s talk beginning at 2 pm.

Ivory is an Our House teaching artist, as well as a performer, and visual and spoken word artist. In the year and a half that Our House has been honored with her presence, the journey to this gallery showing was not an easy one. As most artists are aware, finding sustainability as an artist can be arduous regardless of his or her gifts and talents. The iScribes Accents were inspired by her uphill journey and Ivory shares her story and journey with you this Saturday. As this Saturday’s Artist exhibition series continues (this is the 3rd in the series), we learn that if ART is your career, hard work is mandatory.

The artistic bottle series include potions of the Scribess’s own poetry (which she excels), but the bottles are each uniquely poetic renderings of the creativity that pours from Ivory’s soul. Each bottle is an original piece of art and can be yours, but The Muse also does commissioned work as well. Join us early for the artist’s talk as seating is limited. Refreshments will be served as well. Call 713-839-1304 to RSVP.




An artist’s first show can be one of the most difficult efforts of an artist’s life. Some artists are able to get a first showing in collaboration with other artists, but the show that has YOUR NAME front and center, without competition from another artist’s work, is a rush of huge proportions. Every artist wants and needs that rush.

Our House has created the Saturday’s Artist Series to give those artists who are preparing to have that first show the opportunity and support to do so. For two years, Our House participants have been learning the business side of art through workshops and the OH weekly artists circle where they hone their skills to build a clientele and support for their work. The first of the series is through August 29th. These artists will help the next series of artists’ exhibitions grow and thrive. SUPPORT our work with a generous donation. First shows require support from the community. Help Our House continue in its efforts to support artists in every way. Contact us at 713-893-1304 for more information.

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Mussie appointed as Adviser of ECOSOCC of the African Union on Interfaith, interreligious and Intercultural Issues

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

Dear Colleagues

Greetings of peace and blessing from URI Africa. This is to share with you the following PR from African Union  on my appointment as Special Advisers to ECOSOCC of the African Union on Interfaith, interreligious and Intercultural issues .

This will appointment will open a very good working opportunity for our CCs in Africa to work with the ECOSOCC of the African Union.

The African Union (AU) is a continental union consisting of 54 countries in Africa.

The vision of the African Union is that of: “An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa,  driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in  global arena.”

 “The Presiding Officer of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union (ECOSOCC) has appointed 5 Special Advisers to assist the Organ in the implementation of its mandate.

They include the following:

1) Adviser on Regional and International Partnerships

 Professor Dipo Kolawole, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

2) Adviser on Governance and intergovernmental Relations

 Chukuemeka Eze, Executive Director, West African Network for Peacebuilding, WANEP, Accra, Ghana

3) Adviser on Interfaith, interreligious and Intercultural Issues

 Ambassador Mussie Hailu, Regional Director of United Religions Initiative (URI) for Africa, Representative of URI to UN office in Africa, UNEPA, UNECA, UN-Habitat and AU

4) Adviser Private Sector and Economic Relations

• Mr. Michael Sudarkasa, Esq., Africa Business Group, Johannesburg, South Africa

5) Adviser on Diaspora Relations

• Ms Evelyn Joe, African Union Diaspora Organisation, USA

The appointments are made in recognition of the skills and outstanding quality of the advisers and their expressed commitment to the integration and development agenda of Africa and the African Union. The appointments are not associated with salaries or set remunerations. Advisers will assist the main organs of ECOSOCC including the Office of the Presiding Officer, the Bureau, Standing Committee and General Assembly as may be required.”.

Please read the attached PR from African Union Commission.

In peace and gratitude


Jayanti – PEACE CC Youth Organizes ‘Environmental Significance of Cow’ Session

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Jayanti - PEACE

Sudhanshu Kamat, one of our active youth members from PEACE CC (Multi Region), organized an awareness session on the topic ‘Environmental Significance of Indian Cow’ at his campus ground on 24th April, 2015. He is pursuing his MTech. in Environment Engineering at the prestigious SVNIT (Sardar Vallabhai National Institute of Technology), campus in Surat, India.

For quiet sometime, he had been talking to his faculty and friends about PEACE CC’s initiative in environment awareness. His faculty encouraged his interest and Sudhanshu was inspired to gather his friends for a session followed by group discussions at the campus ground. After his friends agreed to participate, he requested them to do some homework. He informed them about the session topic and also handed them a research paper titled, ‘The Significance of Cows in Indian Society Between Sacredness and Economy,’ authored by Govindasamy Agoramoorthy and Minna J. Hsu from Tajen University and National Sun Yat-sen University, respectively. He requested them to study the paper and also contribute additional thoughts with reference to ecological conservation for putting into practice.

Sudhanshu focused on one aspect – Biogas. His input is excerpted below:
“Biogas is a method of producing methane gas from organic matter. It can be used by rural people as fuel for cooking food items, with less impact on forest ecology. The biogas technology harnesses the natural process by creating an artificial environment via a biogas plant, which provides conditions for natural bacterial action leading to methane gas production. The digested organic matter “slurry” is removed by an outlet, which can be used as a natural fertiliser for crops. The impact of household biogas plants in sustainable development is yet to be fully realised in rural India. Firewood collected from forest areas still serves as the main fuel consumed in India and peoples’ dependency on firewood has serious detrimental effect on the local ecology due to the unsustainable removal of natural forest vegetation. Biogas plants, being an eco-friendly affordable technology, safeguard local forest resources. The negative impacts of chemical fertilisers to soil and ecology are also well known. After the biogas plants were established in villages, the need for chemical fertilizers will be reduced, and farmers can be seen increasingly using the organic slurry as natural fertiliser for crops, which enhances topsoil health in agricultural areas promoting healthy agricultural and terrestrial ecosystems in villages. The organic manure helps in retaining soil fertility and productivity. Furthermore, the alternative renewable energy source of cow dung will significantly reduce pressure on India’s forests, soil and associated terrestrial ecosystems, ultimately mitigating global warming while enhancing ecological conservation.”

This was followed by more inputs by other students:
However, Sudhanshu adds, ‘Majority of the session was followed by a group discussion and brain storming on environmental issues and the importance of protecting and nurturing the Indian cow and how more awareness need to be created, that need to be followed up for implementation.’

The attendants of this session consisted of UG, PG and PhD students of various engineering background. By and large students from Chemical Engg. and Environment Engg. actively contributed towards the discussion.

The students were happy at the end of the one-hour session:
For Sudhanshu, he was excited as this was the first time he was doing an event on behalf of PEACE CC in his campus. He also chose the arena on the ground, close to a tree, so that he could place the URI-PEACE CC banner.

He shares his experience below:
“It was indeed as great experience to host an event on behalf of PEACE CC based on this topic of such an important issue. The interactive session certainly brought some awareness, and most of the students felt enthusiastic to apply the engineering knowledge of their respective fields, aspiring to understand the environmental significance of Indian cow. The students from all the disciplines were keen to take an initiative to spread this awareness among more people. Apart from that, there were plans being made in the discussion to visit some dairy farms and industries of Gujarat, in the beginning of the following academic year, as an academic as well as extra-curricular visit. I hope I can facilitate more of such awareness during my next academic year.”