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A Poem on An African Woman

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010


An African Woman?
Yes I am an African Woman.
The mother
The provider
The molder
The planer
The preacher
The treasure
The schemer
The dreamer
The last to go to bed,
And the first to wake up
Yes I am an African woman
Call them all, call them here,
Loud and clear,

Yes, call them, my children, my husband;
The law makers
The solders
The Doctors
The Judges
The carpenters
The farmers
The thieves
The drunkards
The disabled
The witchdoctors
Name them all
More and many

Yes, I gave birth to them all. Am the mother
Even presidents
Even ministers
Members of parliament
Members of councils
Bishops and Archbishops
Clergy and laity

Yes, I gave birth to them all. I am the mother

Only one thing,
That makes me sick!
During war when Am
raped, made pregnant, and forced into jungle life,
Losing life while giving life,
Physical violence by my husband,
Psychological violence
Cultural violence
Sexual violence
Economic violence
Social violence
Political violence
Violence in the home
Name it all, they are all on me, Oh they make me sick.

But never the less, I remain a mother, whose aim is good.
Yes, I am the mother, the agent of development
Always oppressed, Always intimidated, Always submissive,
Always threatened, but Always patient for the sake of my children
Always my pride is my children’s success.
Oh my children, my master,
Whatever the circumstance, I give birth to children.
I am the mother.  Hey, you there,
Come the neighbors
Come the community
Come the church
Come the cultural institutions
Come the politicians
Come the Law enforcers
Let’s join hands,
Speak out, educate, create awareness,
Fight against domestic violence on Women,
And together we do it,
Success is ours.
Thanks Dear “our funders”
We love you dear, With “our funders” now a woman can talk .
Yes indeed now the woman is talking.
Thanks to our funders. The woman
will continue talking
And now the call,
To mothers all over,
Come, lets join hands,
To face the challenges,
Speak out
Create awareness,
Educate them all that
We are the mothers
And that’s what we are
For which we were born.
Yes, I am the mother on the fight against
Domestic violence on Women.
Thanks our funders
We are now the voice.
For Women all over
Now we call them on
To the dignity of an African woman
To develop Africa.

Yes, I am an African woman, on the fight against
Domestic violence
Thanks our funders
Continue supporting the woman,
Encourage the woman
Together an African woman
Can enjoy life and be happy.
Thank you.

Compiled by:  Joy Kemirembe