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URI Multiregion

URI Multiregion

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URI Multi Region

The purpose of the United Religions Initiative (URI) is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.

On this Web site you will find "Cooperation Circles" of URI the "Multiregion" with projects that span more than one continent or region of the world. URI.org is the parent organization - with the Multiregion being one of its eight regional branches.

The interfaith movement around the world has many different and new faces in the 21st century. The grass roots groups (CC=Cooperation Circle) within the URI (United Religions Initiative -
www.uri.org) are found in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and North Africa, and in the countries of the Pacific.

Multiregion Web site:
within this site are projects that span more than one continent or region of the world. Although these groups seldom meet face to face they effectively communicate and work together through Facebook, Skype, MSN Messenger, Email, and of course the phone.

A Few Examples of Multiregion Cooperation Circles:

One CC is based in the US and the Middle called CARAVAN. It takes art exhibits with Peace related themes across the world, believing that Peace-buliding through the Arts helps heal and bridges the cultural divide between the East and the West.


Another CC based in the Netherlands but with members in Asia, Africa and the Pacific works on women's issues, attempting to raise consciousness among followers of religious traditions whose teachings seem to delegate women to an inferior status based on their interpretations of Holy Scriptures.

Still another CC on this site is devoted to support wider participation of youth in interfaith projects at all levels-local, regional and global-and to do so by developing young people's skills and confidence. Over 300 youthful members around the world have joined this CC and are making some of its dreams become realities.

 URI Multi Region

We also make room for Cooperation Circles that may have people from one specific place that focus on projects located all over the world, such as clean water.   In some cases, we may even have local Cooperation Circles that have local focus but wish to be connected with other Cooperation Circles around the world with similar projects and goals.  An example of this type of Cooperation Circle might be one that is focusing on local Earth Spirituality or perhaps Women’s issues but who are interested in hearing from others around the world with the same focus.  

On occasion we even make room for Cooperation Circles that simply wish to be connected to a larger community.  We welcome any and everyone who feels that we can offer them a home from which to work on issues and a group of people with whom to do so from around the globe.  

Learn More:

a moment right now to look through the pages on this site, where each CC briefly tells you what it is trying to do. If you become interested, either go to the CC's own Web site or write an email to the CC, asking any questions you may have. Perhaps you may want to join a Cooperation Circle. Or you may be motivated to donate some time or money to support one of their projects.

Whatever your reaction, thanks for stopping by our Multiregion Web site today - and please make sure to visit us frequently to see the news updates from our CC's and to see what new CC's have been created and how they are developing.

If you'd prefer to become involved in a CC in your own country or region of the world, please check out www.uri.org to find a CC near to you. We really do feel like we are all part of one big family. And we truly believe that small groups of ten or twenty people acting together at a local level can change the world and make it a better place. Join us whenever you are ready.

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